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June 25, 2014

25 funny coffee shop signs

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A day without coffee is like something without something

1. Fleet Street Press mastering the art of a good simile.


life is a beautiful and endless journey in search of the perfect cup!

2. Knockbox Coffee getting all zen.


free coffee for anyone doing the umbrella dance!

3. Department of Coffee and Social Affairs wondering if you feel like dancing.


Coffee - a warm, delicious alternative to hating everybody every morning forever!!!

4. Fleet Street Press


I'd rather take coffee than compliments just now!

5. Knockbox Coffee


Coffee is the foundation of my food pyramid

6. Fleet Street Press


But first, coffee

7.  Vittles Coffee, Edinburgh


trams: £1079.48 per Edinburgh resident, espresso: £2

8. Artisan Roast‘s coffee offering value for money for Edinburgh residents compared to the trams.


Coffee solves everything

9. Artisan Coffee, Stamford Brook


Sleep is a symptom of caffeine deprivation

10. Fleet Street Press


Free coffee!

11.  Fork Deli


Coffee, one meal to rule them all!

12. Beany Green


your name

13. Department of Coffee and Social Affairs


coffee makes the afternoon better & quicker

14. Department of Coffee and Social Affairs


secret ingredient to the Egyptian revolution?

15. Notes providing the solution to the Egyptian revolution.


spring is here! - but we still need coffee!

16. Fleet River Bakery


wake up sleeping beauty

17. Fleet River Bakery



18. Artisan Roast


probably the best coffee in Tollcross and definitely the best tea

19. Modesty isn’t the best policy for Pekoe Tea.


coffee for passion

20.  The Borough Barista


creative fuel

21. Department of Coffee and Social Affairs


tube strikes suck!!!  our coffee doesn't!!!

22. Fleet River Bakery


coffee never goes on strike

23. Fleet Street Press



24. Quiet understatement from Brick Lane Coffee.


you've gotta fight for your right to latte

25. Four Corners Cafe


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