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February 4, 2014

CFStoredproc / Duplicate() bug

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Came across this weird one while doing some unit testing using Testbox.  After much head scratching I realised it was a bug in Adobe ColdFusion rather than our testing framework.

Suppose you have a stored procedure which returns more than one recordset:

        <cfstoredproc procedure="foobar" datasource="DSN">
            <cfprocresult name="rstFoo" resultset="1">
            <cfprocresult name="rstBar" resultset="2">

Then you do something where you need to duplicate the first recordset:

        <cfset foo = duplicate(rstFoo)>

That was throwing an error like:

java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 1 at coldfusion.sql.imq.Row.getColumn(Row.java:237) at coldfusion.sql.QueryTable.populate(QueryTable.java:230) at coldfusion.sql.QueryTable.<init>(QueryTable.java:77) at coldfusion.sql.QueryTable.<init>(QueryTable.java:72) at coldfusion.runtime.ObjectDuplicator._duplicate(ObjectDuplicator.java:95) at coldfusion.runtime.ObjectDuplicator.duplicate(ObjectDuplicator.java:63) at coldfusion.runtime.CFPage.Duplicate(CFPage.java:5059)

Strangely, this only happens with the first recordset.  This is fine where I do the same with just the second recordset:

        <cfset foo = duplicate(rstBar)>

And if I just remove the second (and subsequent) cfprocresults (without making any adjustment to the stored procedure itself), this also works:

        <cfstoredproc procedure="foobar" datasource="DSN">
            <cfprocresult name="rstFoo" resultset="1">
        <cfset foo = duplicate(rstFoo)>

I came across a couple of bugs in Adobe’s bugbase that basically have the same problem, although both tickets have been closed:

The second of which included this workaround:

        <cfset foo = duplicate(deserializeJSON(serializeJSON(rstFoo), false))>

Which fixed it for me, but ideally Adobe would reopen this bug.   Update: the first of those bugs has now been reopened.

PS: this was running CF 9.01, version 9,0,1,274733


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