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November 10, 2011

ColdFusion query-of-queries, tips for adding dynamic columns

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Supposing you’re doing a query of queries, and you want to add a dynamic column, perhaps based on a mixture of existing CF variables and values from the original query. There are a few gotchas to watch out for.

Firstly, you have to use single quotes ‘ ‘ instead of double quotes ” ” for anything in the string. This is contrary to ColdFusion’s normal allowance for any mixture, e.g. this is usually perfectly fine:

<cfset x = "hi" & 'hi'>

However when trying to use ” ” in the query-of-queries, it throws the error:

Query Of Queries syntax error.
Encountered “. Lexical error at line 3, column 25. Encountered: “\”” (34), after : “”

This query will throw that error:

<cfquery name="rstGetStuff" dbtype="query">
	SELECT 	"Hello World" AS columnName
	FROM rstOriginalQuery

But this is fine:

<cfquery name="rstGetStuff" dbtype="query">
	SELECT 	'Hello World' AS columnName
	FROM rstOriginalQuery

Secondly, if you’re wanting to refer to variables within that string, just add them into the string surrounded by # #. Again, contrary to normal CFML, where these are equivalent:

<cfset x = "hi " & variables.strName>
<cfset x = "hi #variables.strName#">

So this throws the error:

Query Of Queries syntax error.
Encountered “.. Incorrect Select Statement, Expecting a ‘FROM’, but encountered ‘.’ instead, A select statement should have a ‘FROM’ construct.

<cfset strName = "Duncan">

<cfquery name="rstGetStuff" dbtype="query">
	SELECT 	'Hello ' + strName AS columnName
	FROM rstOriginalQuery

Instead you have to do

<cfquery name="rstGetStuff" dbtype="query">
	SELECT 	'Hello #strName#' AS columnName
	FROM rstOriginalQuery

Thirdly, if you’re wanting to add values from the original query into that dynamic column, you might need to CAST it to the correct type. In this case I have a column in the original query, intIDColumn, that is a numeric ID.

This throws the error:

Query Of Queries runtime error.
Cannot mix types INTEGER and VARCHAR in a + binary operation.

<cfquery name="rstGetStuff" dbtype="query">
	SELECT 	'/some/url/path/' + intIDColumn + '/' AS strURL
	FROM rstOriginalQuery

Instead I have to cast it to a VARCHAR when trying to add it into my string.

<cfquery name="rstGetStuff" dbtype="query">
	SELECT 	'/some/url/path/' + CAST(intIDColumn AS VARCHAR) + '/' AS strURL
	FROM rstOriginalQuery

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