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January 4, 2009

2009 goals

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Following on from what I achieved in 2008, I decided to try setting some goals for 2009.

I had an idea that instead of setting New Year’s resolutions, which could be quickly forgotten about until 12 months later, I’d review these goals periodically through the year. The natural way to do that would be at the Spring equinox, Summer solstice, Autumn equinox and Winter solstice. This year those dates are March 20, June 21, September 22 and December 21.

So, some goals, in no particular order:

  • Complete 25 of the Project Euler problems. I’ve done 23 so far, and I think I can get at least a couple more done.
  • Get a Master ranking in Experts Exchange for at least one other zone. I’ve currently got Master ranking in the Coldfusion Markup Language zone. I reckon I can get Master ranking in at least one other zone, and perhaps improve the Master ranking to Guru.
  • Join the gym. I joined for two months last year. This year I think I’ll get a six month membership, starting in March or April.
  • Blog at least once a week on average. I’d also like to do more Coldfusion-related blog posts.
  • Get involved in something open source. e.g. look at the ColdFusion Open-Source Project List that Brian Rinaldi maintains and pick one or more projects to get involved in. Criteria should perhaps limit it to projects that have public bug/issues tracking, and that I consider relevant/useful.
  • Start using some kind of source control. I’m currently reading the Pragmatic Programmer, which advises that even if you can’t convince your team to use it, you should try and use it individually.
  • Install and start using Railo.
  • Start using MySQL. These last two goals are connected, as ideally I want to use Railo and MySQL on one of my sites which is currently using an Access database and Coldfusion 5 (!), and just about surviving with a pretty high level of traffic.

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